This site is an exploration of the special relationship between certain gay men (aka the meth gays) and the illicit use of methamphetamine.

Characteristics of Meth Gays

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Gay Men and Meth

Gay Men

Like other men

Except they express a preference for other men in sexual and/or romantic relationships


Like other drugs

Except so much worse

Cheap cocaine with no upsides

Gays + Meth


Bad teeth, bad health

Synergistically delivers the worst parts of the gay community and drug abuser community

Is not really for sale, but if you insist on making an offer, please contact me via email at  If you believe I would let it go for less than $15,000 USD, perhaps you also have a meth problem.  Also...  Yes, haters, all the stock photographs and templates are properly licensed.  That said, if I have used a photograph of YOU, and if YOU dislike this, please email me and I'll use a stock photo of someone else.